Shaping the future with your support

At UP, we strive for excellence, and we embrace change as we look forward to the University’s next century.
Every positive difference we make helps us attain ever-increasing levels of impact, industriousness, and influence; we invite you to join us to be part of UP’s next chapter.

Support the university of pretoria

UP is a stable, efficient and carefully managed institution where any philanthropic support will be used to greatest effect: you can depend on the University to make the very most of your generosity. The attached table describes the ways in which you can support the University and we invite you to consider the key areas of activity outlined above, while at the same time directing your attention to the University’s undertakings in:

  • World class teaching and research infrastructure for the Sciences, Engineering, and Technology disciplines;
  • Endowing Research Chairs in disciplines key to Africa’s development; 
  • Prestigious scholarship programmes to support students from across Africa
  • A fund to foster trans-disciplinary research collaboration among African universities and international partners at the Future Africa Institute and campus; and
  • Sports infrastructure, coaches, and bursaries to create a sporting powerhouse in Africa.

Explore the UP Virtual Campus

Experience the University of Pretoria any time, any place, anywhere. UP’s Virtual Campus allows you to explore UP’s facilities and campus life through a combination of 360-degree panoramas and videos.

When the story of Africa’s transformation to a prosperous, democratic, just and sustainable continent is told, the University of Pretoria’s contribution through education and the co-creation of life changing knowledge will be a central part of the narrative.